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I’ve heard that in december there were many delays and problems with there regional trains in lombardia but it’s interesting to see how trenitalia is solving them. After they have announced the half an hour delay (for a regional train!) due to the fact that the train from the opposite direction never arrived, they’ve decided to take out one train from the deposit. So, we all go to the platform 19 where a train is just arrived for us but it’s not so easy. Someone from trenitalia is alerting up not to enter in the train because she has to check if it’s the correct train. So some people gather around the cabin of the driver to get some news, almost entering in the cabin. Some other people immediatelly get in the train because the doors were already open. After speaking in some kind of pda phone, she confirms that this is our train but she must test the doors (?), so please don’t enter yet. So, with some passengers already in and some standing in the platform, they test the doors. Ok, one door didn’t work, they closed it manually and put the sign “porta non funzionante”. Now the train is “ready”, another ten minutes and then we go. Beautiful. Only 40 minutes later.

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