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Archive for August 7th, 2005


Posted by Claudio on August 7th, 2005

Hello, my dear readers. Welcome to the weblog of our biking trip on the Karakoram Highway. My name is Claudio and I’ll try to be the storyteller of this adventure. So, what is it all about ? During the next few weeks, Simone and I will bike along the famous Karakoram Highway, a marvelous road that stretches from the city of Kashgar in China to Islamabad in Pakistan. The whole road is about 1.600 km but we’ll bike only the first 700 km from Kashgar till Gilgit. The road traverses some of the world’s highest mountain passes and it is sorrounded my the highest peaks of the Karakoram range.

In the next posts we’ll explain the details of the trip. Honestly, the trip needs still some organization but we still have couple of weeks time. Our passports are in Sweden at the Pakistan Emabssy for the visas (Simone got his new passport two days ago). We don’t have yet the flights tickets but, at leat, we have a rough idea of the route we’ll follow (only low cost airlines). We also need to think of the equipment. Anyway, our weblog is up and running. We’ll try to keep it updated during the trip and hopefully your attention will be rewared with some beautiful pictures from the Karakoram range. We hope you’ll enjoy reading the posts of this adventure. That’s all for now. Cheers