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We have just bought a few things that we’ll probably need: american tape (for reparing the bike? :-|) , belts for tieing the backpack, locks for the bikes and an helmet. We’ve also realized that we need to minimize our load as much as possible. Probably we should follow Dan’s advice of carrying only what fits in a school bag. Not bad idea. My rule is that after preparing all I need, I’ll halve it. Anyway, we shot this photo during the usual after work coffe while planning the senseless parts of the trip. Since it’s the first
photo we have together, let’s use to present it ourselves. Simone on the left and Claudio on the right.

2 Responses to “A coffe while planning the trip”

    How do you plan to deal with your homosexuality during your trip? For what I know if you are spotted in those countries in a gay attitude you are running big troubles…

    Good Luck :-)


    ciao simone!!!
    that’s just GREAT, i start to think that i have chosen the wrong studies - the proper ones to travel and have fun seem to be engineering!
    anyway, instead of backpacks I would use bike bags cause a backpack, even if small, will wear your shoulders out ! Also you’d rather wash the same clothes day by day instead of carrying weight!
    good luck guys, you don’t know how much i envy you! ;)

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