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this morning i started to pack.Not even half of what i’d like to bring, already half too much of what i should carry! Reduce! On a bike at 3000m. 100 grams equals one kilo, so every single object must have a pretty good reason to join the trip!

2 Responses to “Far too much stuff!”

    you are not very professional! what a big camping mat you got! you should bring an inflatable one!
    and how many bags did you fill up with packets of anti diarrea tables??
    and for recharging the battery of you inseparable friend: the mobile??

    Inflatable one costs some 100 euros and it’s heavy. I think I’ll just drop the materass.

    I’ve got some 30 pills of Immodium. Enough ?

    The inseparable friend, the mobile, will be recharged using a charger and I’ll use it to keep this weblog updated ;-)

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