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I’ve just received now the 2 passports with the fantastic Russian visa ready to be used to take off from St. Petesburg. Next Step, on Monday we will apply for the Chinese one and the loop is gonna be closed! Ops, I forgot, we should buy the ticket for the train from Helsinki to St. Petesburg and the ticket for the party boat :-) from Stockholm to Helsinki. And the loop now is really closed.

3 Responses to “Russian VISA: GRANTED!!!!!!!”

    Go Seve go! Longing to hear more, especially about the social unrest and revolutionary events that you will surely encounter.

    I linked you from my blog so you may get a couple of extra hits a week.

    ciao clody
    é sempre bello vedere il tuo faccione in foto
    sei un grande
    ma mi sembra ci fossero troppi vestiti


    cazzo il pakistan, clody
    (shit, the Pakistan, clody)

    che cazzo di posti che vedi !
    (what a fuck** places you see !!)

    un po’ ti invidio, ma che cazzo di fatica che fai per vederli…
    ( a bit I envy, but what a fuck*** hard time you have to see them…)

    hasta la vista bambino

    we love you….
    conchita pol
    todopoderoso al

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