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We have reached the lake Chakragil, surrounded by beautiful sand dunes. Really an unique place.On the top of the dunes there is the border with Tajikistan.

We are invited for a tea in a small house. There we meet a crazy Austrian biker who cycled all the way from Vienna through Turkey, Iran, Pakistan and now China. His destination is Lhasa. He has some 60 or 70 kilos of load, really a lot!! We ask him some information about the road to Pakistan. Soon the road will be unpaved and it’s in such bad condition that he’s reconsidering of biking till Lhasa. He also confirms kids like to throw stones to cyclists in some parts of the KKH (he got some 20 stones…) During the tea, his bike falls down and the left rear mirror breaks. The biker, probably a bit stressed because of the unpaved road, gets more irritated and, while mumbling “Schisse.. kamput.. damage damage… Schisse”, he jumps on his bike and leaves… Funny guy.

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