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This morning we tried to reach our airline company and confirm out flights. The Lahore number was not answering. While changing the hotel, we found their office. Closed and empty. The guardian of the building was mumbling something like “fraud, fraud”. What fraud ? To who ? To us ? We changed the hotel and we went to one of those kiosks where it’s possible to make international calls. At the Swedish customer number, a recorded message was saying that all their planes have been grounded because of financial problems. What ? The company went bankrupt during our trip and they were not helping us at all. Great. We were a bit shocked for few minutes, then we decided to act quickly. We looked for the first travel agency we found and we tried to purchase new tickets. We both had to be in Helsinki on Monday morning, there was no time to waste. After a long search, the girl in the photo found the perfect itinerary that would bring us back on Sunday evening: Lahore->Karachi->Dubai->Vienna->Helsinki. Beautiful. There were no alternatives. We paid and we rush back to the hotel. Our first flight was leaving in the evening and we had to find a way to pack the bicycles.

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